PTSD, Complex PTSD and Veteran’s Counseling

“Trauma creates change you don’t chose. Healing is about creating change you do.” – Michelle Rosenthal

At A Better View, we don’t treat labels, we treat people because whether you suffer from PTSD or Complex PTSD the collateral damage is undeniably real, and the fallout is inescapable. Trauma based treatment is hard and we don’t expect you do it alone. For this reason, the therapeutic relationship is an essential component of this kind of treatment. You will be joined on your journey towards recovery. Together we will take an in depth look at your current level of functioning and identify any potential obstacles that remain in place as a result of your past trauma. In time, you WILL establish a positive sense-of-self that is independent of your past. Eventually, you will be cleansed of your shame-based perspective and freed from any mistaken beliefs that you have unknowingly attached to yourself. We can put an end to the self-destructive behaviors that serve to maintain escape and denial while implementing behaviors that promote healing, acceptance of past events, and responsible living. This can be done! You are not broken!

It was my honor and a privilege to have worked with some of our nation’s finest while employed at the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. While there, I provided mental health services to drug addicted and traumatized veterans, many of whom were dually-diagnosed.

After spending years overseas those newly released soldiers frequently encounter difficulties transitioning back into civilian life. These individuals must adjust to differing familial, social, financial, professional and social circumstances. Moreover, in addition to the aftermath caused by their extended absence, veterans also confront the considerate mental and emotional toll inherent with exposure to the violence of warfare.

There exists an inevitable struggle to meet the overwhelming needs for our veterans who will benefit from mental health services upon their return home. This need compels me to offer independent counseling services to the men and women who have faithfully served our country. I have experience utilizing multiple modes of treatment to help veterans overcome life’s obstacles. Therapy services such as CBT, DBT and exposure therapy are available to address grief, trauma and PTSD. Treatment services may be conducted under a multi-pronged approach when appropriate, through relationship counseling, family support services and vocational advocacy while simultaneously promoting skills development by introducing innovative problem-solving techniques, coping strategies, and meditation and mindfulness practices.

My top priority as a veteran’s counselor is to improve the overall mental and emotional functioning of veterans themselves and that of their families. Together we can devise an effective plan of action that will help alleviate negative residual of service, restore equilibrium and provide the best opportunity to regain a peaceful existence.

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