Family Therapy

Families seek therapy for a wide variety of reasons including issues related to inappropriate patterns of behavior, drug and/or alcohol addiction, divorce, blended-families, roles strain, enmeshment, role-conflict, parenting difficulties, or pressure from the outside world. Any one of these variables can create disequilibrium within the system and cause an imbalance in family functioning. The purpose of family therapy is to identify and address the underlying issues in an effort to help the family overcome the specific challenges they face. As a family therapist, my job is to help reunite and reconnect family members, repair strained relationships and reestablish family functioning.

There are many different schools of thought in the area of family therapy, each offering a different set of knowledge and tools. However, my approach to therapy generally employs Systemic, Structural or Strategically based interventions. Regardless of the chosen approach, a good course of family therapy should help to reduce conflict, build empathy and understanding, improve communication, promote solidarity, develop and maintain healthy boundaries, foster cohesion and teach effective problem-solving skills.

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