Child & Adolescent Therapy

Typically ages 8-18

My treatment strategies vary significantly when it comes to children and adolescents. I have found play and art therapy to be invaluable when working with younger children. Similarly, many teenagers will participate in creative expression when words escape them. Games such as Jenga or magnetic poetry can be strategically used as both a tool for engagement, as well as an intervention to address unresolved or suppressed feelings. Narrative journaling or worksheets may be given as homework for skill building and to increase self-awareness.

Every child is unique, but in the end, I feel the primary determining factor most capable of predicting success or failure in therapy is the strength of the relationship between the child/teenager and the therapist. I, for one, revel in the challenge and thoroughly enjoy working with this population.

If you are considering treatment for a child or teenager, please be aware that parental involvement is vital. Important information and insight can be gained through the participation of these key players. I cannot overemphasize the pivotal role “parents” play in the therapeutic process and the extent to which your knowledge, support and involvement in your child’s treatment is invaluable.

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