Meet Amanda Graves

My name is Amanda Graves and I am a licensed mental health therapist specializing in children, adolescents, adults, families and United States veterans. I received my undergraduate degree with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 1998 from Bowling Green State University. After college, I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina where I began working with children and adolescents (ages 8-18) who were suffering from severe emotional, behavioral and mental health disorders in a residential crisis unit. Initially, I worked as a Residential Counselor, but was quickly promoted to a Case Coordinator, and finally was given the honor of developing and spearheading the campus’ Volunteer/Mentoring Program. While there, I learned skills in Crisis Intervention/Management, Conflict Resolution and techniques in De-escalation. I also provided court advocacy through direct contact with lawyers, probation officers, judges, and guardian ad litem(s).

I moved back to Cincinnati in 2000, and continued to work with children struggling with severe emotional disturbances, however, this job provided the added bonus and expanded my knowledge base by allowing me to work alongside accompanying family members (e.g. including parent(s), step-parents, foster parents and other primary caregivers), all of which I believe are an integral part of a person’s recovery.

Additionally, I consulted with a multidisciplinary team which included psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, school representatives, and other medical health professionals. Thereby, I learned of the many outside community treatment agencies also available in and around the community.

In 2005, I received my Master’s Degree in Social Work from The University of Cincinnati. This allowed me to broaden my scope of practice and gain additional knowledge with an entirely new population of clientele. During this time, I served as a social worker to adults suffering from acute psychiatric illnesses in the in-patient psychiatric unit at The University of Cincinnati Hospital. I acquired a multitude of treatment methodologies including crisis stabilization, symptom management, psycho-education, supportive counseling, group therapy and outreach services.

Finally, I am honored to the have had the privilege to work at the United States Department of Veterans Affairs where I provided psychotherapy and substance abuse treatment to homeless veterans, and those who were dually diagnosed veterans. This experienced help me learn skills working with trauma related issues and PTSD.

My Philosophy

While there is no “one size fits all” type of treatment I believe it takes hard work and concrete strategies to reach the recovery stage in treatment. I am passionate about the work I do and the people I am able to work with. I see my role as a change agent with the tools needed to make progress. Thus, often I alternate between varying approaches such as teaching strategies, active listening, and supportive counseling. I have found play therapy and art therapy to be invaluable while working with children and support the inclusion of family members and other caregivers, as I believe these individuals are an integral part in the recovery process. My treatment philosophy is strengths-based and solution focused. I strongly encourage active collaboration, rational self-analysis, applied behavioral analysis, psychoeducation and work to develop positive coping skills as we work toward establishing your ultimate goals.

My work with children often involves the use of play/art therapy for engagement purposes, with individually tailored interventions and concrete strategies. support services involved active listening, supportive counseling, psycho-education, rational self analysis, & behavior modification, In children, I may use play & art therapy for engagement purposes. I encourage active collaboration, rational self-analysis, applied behavioral therapy, & psychoeducation as we work toward establishing your ultimate goals.

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